What Your Attorney Needs From You

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30 Things Your Bankruptcy Attorney
Needs From You!

1. Valid driver’s license or other government issued photo identification;
2. Social Security card;
3. Your current physical and mailing address and how long you have lived there;
4. If you have lived out of state within the past 2 years;
5. Your full name (including jr., sr., etc.) and any other names you have used in past
ten(10) years;
6. The number of dependants in your house, if any;
7. Six months of pay stubs;
8. Three months of bank statements for all accounts;
9. Full federal and state tax returns with all attachments for the past three years;
10. List of all your creditors with your account number, balance owed, and creditor’s
11. Itemization and copies of paperwork for all sources of income received (other
than from employment, i.e. social security, unemployment, food stamps, pensions,
private disability, lottery winnings, inheritance, etc.);
12. List of all vehicles that are titled in your name, include year, make, model, VIN,
approximate miles, and a list of any problems/defects with the vehicle;
13. For all vehicle loans state the date of the loan, the interest rate, monthly payment
amount, and number of months left on loan;
14. All of the same information in 12-13 for any boats, campers, atv’s, motorcycles,
15. A basic list of the liquidation value (garage sale value) of your household goods;
16. A list of your monthly expenses (non debt payment related- such as electric,
water, food, recreation);
17. Copies of any lawsuits brought against you or by you in the past year;
18. Any potential claims you may have for personal injury, workers comp, disability,
19. For all real estate titled in your name list the date purchased, amount of sale,
residence/non-residence, rental income, TMS number, your estimation of its
current value;
20. Most recent tax bill for your vehicles and your real estate;
21. List of any transfer of your assets in the past ten years, include date, amount, and
to whom transfer to place;
22. If you are owed or owe child support or alimony, bring the Family Court Order
that requires the payment. Amount behind, if any;
23. Any expected tax refund or tax fund received in the current year;
24. Itemized list of payments to any creditors to whom you paid more than $600.00 in
the past 90 days;
25. Last time used credit card/account and amount of what was purchased;
26. Any luxury goods purchased within past 90 days;
27. Loan documentation for any 401(k) loan or any other loan against a retirement
account, life insurance, stock plan, etc.;
28. The dates, case numbers, and attorney for any prior bankruptcies;
29. Any debts for which you have or are a cosigner or guarantor;
30. Your list of prioritized goals for the bankruptcy.
Your attorney may require additional information for your specific case. Some
information may not be relevant to your current situation but is required by the Court, the
Bankruptcy Trustee, or your attorney.
If you would like to speak with a bankruptcy attorney you may call the S.C. Bar
Lawyer Referral Service at 803-799-7100 or my office at 803-732-7800.

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